Where to purchase business insurance?

Commercial insurance agents can help you find policies that fit your company's needs. All business-owned vehicles in New York must be covered by commercial auto insurance. This policy covers the cost of accidents involving work vehicles. Although not required, personal vehicles driven for work purposes must be covered by rental and non-owned car insurance (HNOA), since personal auto policies generally exclude commercial use.

Once you've purchased insurance with us, you can download an insurance certificate by logging into your account. It's popular with small and medium-sized business owners who rent or own the building in which they do business. Coverage can be purchased through a private insurance company or through the state's private insurance fund. Other commercial insurance, such as general liability and BOP, is not required by law, but you'll likely need them before entering into a contract with a customer or landlord.

Choosing to run a business in New York without insurance could result in serious financial difficulties, such as lawsuits and recovery costs. The State of New York requires that all companies that have employees, full time or part time, have workers' compensation insurance. Insureon's authorized agents can help you find policies that meet New York's requirements and your commercial insurance needs. The cost of business insurance in New York depends on a variety of factors, including the company's size, location, and coverage needs.

This policy, also called error and omission insurance (E%26O), protects New York companies that provide professional services or advice.